How to create announcements on fibotalk app?

Be it releasing a new feature or improved versions, Increasing the reach for the same is a hard task. So fibotalk provides a very essential feature of announcements that can certainly help with the same. Creating and managing announcements in the fibotalk app is very easy and interactive. It’s a matter of following few steps and a new announcement will Read more…


How to do funnel analysis in fibotalk app?

A funnel chart is the best representation for funnel analysis and in fibotalk app, it is very easy to add funnel charts and can be done in a few steps- 1. Login to the fibotalk app (https://app.fibotalk.com/accounts/login). 2. In the side menu, navigate to the “Analytics” option in case it is not by default selected. 3. Click on the “Add Chart” Read more…

Live chats for restaurants

Live Chat for Restaurants

Live Chat for Restaurants In super crowded restaurant business and the ever-increasing cost of acquisition, innovation in customer engagement is a key competitive advantage. Live-chat on the website can revolutionize your customer experience. How live chat solutions help restaurants 1. Book more tables using live chat Imagine a group of young guys decide to meet up and look at your Read more…

chatbot for business webiste

Serious Business? Consider Chatbots

Conversation is the most powerful tool for human beings. It helps us spread abstract ideas and create marvelous feats of engineering. Conversations enable us to build trust and deep relations. If Businesses can engage their customers in active and personal conversations, they will get deep insights and lasting loyalties. In the rapidly changing world consumers who are spoiled for choices, expect Read more…

easy customer support
Live Chat

Customers Want Support The Easy Way

Businesses striving to offer amazing customer service, take note of this. I recently ordered food online. I waited beyond the promised delivery time, and then to find the delivery status held the phone for 10 minutes. Finally, I canceled the order and sent a stinging review. After all, hungry customers can be angry customers! Email customer support is not real Read more…

what is inbound marketing

What Is Inbound Marketing?

Being promotional and ‘pushy’ is not the only way to generate more business. Inbound marketing is the new ‘pull’ and is a method to grow a business that provides value and builds trust. What is inbound marketing and how is it different from traditional advertising methods?