Viber, the Hidden Goldmine

At Fibotalk we focus on giving the most value to businesses in managing communication with their customers. We ensure this by providing a great chat platform for websites and integrate with the best and biggest chat messengers in the world.

This is a story of how much we under estimated Viber as a lot of pundits have written its epithet long time ago.
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Outsell Your Competition Using Online Chat For Business

Online chat on business websites has been around for quite a while and most successful businesses use it prominently.

However, there are still many businesses yet to take advantage of its wide range of benefits.

If you have not considered having customer live chat on your business website before, this post will explain why you should care.
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How To Add Live Chat To Your Website For Free?

Are you leveraging the complete power of your website? Are your customers getting all the information it takes to close a deal?

By adding a small Fibotalk live chat application on your website you can connect with your customers live, when they are most interested in your business.
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5 Unfair Advantages Live Chat Gives To A Travel And Tours Business

Every traveler has endless number of questions to ask when planning their trip.

Will I have internet coverage in the hotel?

Is it too cold there?

Does the hotel serve vegetarian food?

Will the bus have recliner seats?

What kind of hotels are included in this travel package?

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Fibotalk new features

Prioritised Chat Interface

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