Live chats for restaurants

Live Chat for Restaurants

Live Chat for Restaurants In super crowded restaurant business and the ever-increasing cost of acquisition, innovation in customer engagement is a key competitive advantage. Live-chat on the website can revolutionize your customer experience. How live chat solutions help restaurants 1. Book more tables using live chat Imagine a group of Read more…

what is inbound marketing

What Is Inbound Marketing?

Being promotional and ‘pushy’ is not the only way to generate more business. Inbound marketing is the new ‘pull’ and is a method to grow a business that provides value and builds trust. What is inbound marketing and how is it different from traditional advertising methods?


Fibotalk new features

Prioritised Chat Interface

It is very distracting when your chat list keeps growing while you are focusing on one customer. To help you avoid this hassle Fibotalk puts live chats/new requests/ potentials in different lists so that you can focus better on providing great value to your customers. (more…)