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Product Analytics

User experience monitoring

We provide deep insights into overall user experience. Monitor system parameters like page load times, API latency, and click bursts. These are just early indicators of churn.

Event Labeling

All user events are captured automatically. To better analyze important parameters, label complex system values, & combine multiple event values in one class. Retrospectively analyze data with labeling at any time.

Advanced Query

Perform wildcard searches like contains, begins with, and ends with on page, button, and other parameter values. Group the results based on different user parameters.

Time Series Analysis

Daily trends of events. Very powerful for monitoring the health of the application, daily usage patterns, and impact analysis of new releases. On click of any point, get the affected user list.

Conversion Funnel Analysis

Track conversion between any set of events. Click on any stage data point to get the user list and dropped users of the stage. Analyze based on time or any other user parameter.

User Journey Analysis

Visual journey analysis of the users based on any user parameters like geography, plan, role, and usage. The frequency distribution of pages at each stage helps understand the optimal flow.

UTM Code Insights

Parameters passed in page queries are automatically available for analytics. In digital marketing UTM codes are used, with our smart config system, you can build cohorts and charts based on these parameters.


Build your own dashboards. Ideal to track specific class of insights, like key accounts, geography, and features. In each of the dashboards pin as many charts to get detailed insights.

Custom Events

Use APIs to create custom events to track specific events in the application like loading of a particular module, form completeness, process progress, and critical events.

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