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We understand the importance of your privacy. Information we collected on our website will be used only for a purpose which you have consented here and we will do best our effort to safeguard your privacy.

You may be a visitor of FIBOTALK website or a customer of FIBOTALK using our service. This privacy policy applies to your use of website or our services.

You may be a visitor to the website where FIBOTALK services are used by our customers on their website. They may be using FIBOTALK Chat widget where you may submit information on the chat, in such incidence you will be governed by privacy policy mentioned on our Client’s Website.



We/Our mean FIBOTALK

Website is https://fibotalk.com

Clients:any entity subscribed to FIBOLTALK services and using on their website or Mobile app for communicating with their customers.

Our services :Fibotalk chat widget, chat widget on mobile app, chatbots, fibotalk website used by our clients to manage communication, customer data, tasks, agent details etc..

Information Collected on fibotalk.com / Website from Visitors

Information collected when you visit our website and registers.

When you register or submit your personal details like name, number email ids it may get linked to your IP and will be saved with us. We may use this information for improving user experience or improve communication with you, but we do not disclose this information to anyone except in cases mentioned below.

Registration: in-case of registration you submit name, number, email ids and company name . You may give this information through other FiBOTALk services ,through emails, and telephone calls as response to our marketing and sales initiative.

Payment information: when you subscribe/purchase our services we ask for Credit card and other related details, Billing and Mailing address. All this data you give is directly processed by out payment gateway provider _______________. We do not store or get all credit card details except failure and success of transaction.

Cookie : Through cookies we collect automatically your information about devices, browsers, IPs you are accessing from, pages you viewed and time spent on each.

Third Party Platform Information

While interacting with us you may interact with us using social media in such incidences we may collect your information about your preferences, like and other information shared by social platforms

Any other information which is not listed here may get collected. We may use this information as per the Privacy policy or as otherwise permitted by you. We may use this data to publish in an aggregate but not personally identifiable

Customer Data

While using Fibotalk services your customer data (people interacting on your website) will get captured through various services. This may include but not limited to this, customer name, company name designation, phone no email id, addresses. Some information or communication details will get captured while they use FIBOTALK Chat widget. All this data will be stored. People interacting through our chat widget using social media will provide personal information like name, gender, age or more.

Protection of Personal Data and Information
  1. FIBOTALK for carrying services and business for which Customer has signed may disclose personal information to employees, contractors and organisation affiliated.
  2. This data may be stored in outside of your home country, since we use third party storage and networking vendors that may be from other country.
  3. We may share personal information with our parent companies and subsidiaries
  4. We may provide your personal information to third party service providers like marketing agencies, sales agencies, design agencies , email marketing company.
  5. In-case of merger or acquisition the data may be shared with parent company or forming new entity
  6. We may share data when required by Law under government orders.
  7. To detect frauds or avoid one information may be required to share third party agencies in good faith

FIBOTALK will take reasonable measures to protect personal data and information from misuse, unauthorised access. We do not sale any personal data.

Opt out

if you would like to opt out of we may provide the facility to opt out but it may affect delivery of our services. If you would like to opt out anyways then please drop a mail at contact@fibotalk.com

We do not collect information from children below the age of 13 years. Our services are not intended for children below 13 but in case such information is collected without parent consent and if parents wants to delete the data, they may contact us on contact@fibotalk.com for deletion of data.

Changes to the Policy

From time to time we may make adjustments to the privacy policy. Changes to the policy will be made at fibotalk’s sole discretion. Fibotalk’s users are encouraged to check this privacy policy for such changes. Your continued use of this site following changes to this privacy policy constitutes your acceptance of the changes.

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