The whole new onboarding experience on the Fibotalk application

Published by Shivam Kumar on

Analytics platforms are not that straightforward to get familiar with and to get properly onboarded to use them to the full extend.  But with Fibotalk we continuously put forward the user experience as our priority and make sure that onboarding is smooth.

The onboarding process on the Fibotalk app is enhanced now and very easy. Whenever you signup you are redirected to the onboarding page where you have 4 steps to complete your whole onboarding so that you can utilize the Fibotalk platform to the full extend.

Note: You can skip on any step and directly start using the application but it is recommended to complete the onboarding in order to use all the features.

The onboarding process mainly has 4 steps-

  1. Company name: This is basically the name for the project for which you have created the account for which you will be using Fibotalk.
  2. Implementation: This is the most important step, in this step, you will get the proper guide on how to implement the fibotalk anchor code in your website/application.
  3. User Identification: This is the second most important step, this will allow you to do the user level analytics like cohorts. Without user identification, you won’t be able to track any user data.
  4. Email Validation: This step is basically to validate that you have an authentic email and to allow us to send email communications like daily product usage reports and critical events notifications etc.

The new onboarding screen makes the initial step smooth and more explanatory to help new users understand the platform more easily.

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