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Why Fibotalk?

Zero Engineering Overhead

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Product Insights

No sweat one line code implementation. Get all user events like clicks and page changes. Track user experience parameters like load times, crashes, API latencies, and much more on a per user basis. Configure KPIs later.

  • Auto Track User Events
  • Custom Dashboards
  • Trend, Funnel & Journey
  • Critical Event Notifications

User Insights

Get active lists like the trial, true evaluators, and losing interest users. With powerful filters find users based on advanced parameters, e.g., who have and have not used certain features or those who come from specific geographies.

  • Custom & Active Cohorts
  • Customizable Views
  • User & Cohort Journey
  • Per Session Insight

Product Feedback

Net Promoter Score (NPS) is a great indicator of user's perception. Track changing customer sentiments with publish and forget in-product NPS. The feedback request is triggered based on rules, increasing the response rate.

  • Advanced Trigger Rules
  • Auto Promoter & Detractor Cohorts
  • NPS Analytics
  • Non-intrusive Delivery


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