Programming language used – JavaScript.

Fibotalk provides a facility to hide the messenger button through the agent interface. Here are two ways to open and close the messenger without clicking on the button.

API Interface:

  • Open the messenger –{ name: “messenger”, type: “open” }, function(error, success) {});
  • Close the messenger –{ name: “messenger”, type: “close” }, function(error, success) {});

error and success are to indicate status of the operation.

Window Event (an event is broadcasted for open or close action):

  • Open the messenger – window.postMessage({ event: “chatopen” }, “*”);
  • Close the messenger – window.postMessage({ event: “chatclose” }, “*”);

You can capture the Window Event generated by us by using addEventListener as – window.addEventListener(“message”, function(event) {});

  • Messenger Open – will be chatopen.
  • Messenger Close – will be chatclose.


How to hide Fibotalk messenger button

The Fibotalk messenger button can be hidden in 3 steps:-

  • Login to Fibotalk.
  • Go to Engagements section and enable the Hide messenger button.
  • Click on Confirm and its done.



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