Account-based analytics in fibotalk

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Most of the B2B SaaS companies like CRMs, marketing automation, HR Management software sell multi-license solutions to other businesses. We are also a similar product selling multi-user solutions to different companies. 

We have used many analytics engines from open source, google analytics to mix-panel and amplitude. All the solutions offer a user level view at best. This created a huge problem for us. 

  1. We were not able to track how each company is using the solution. Account management team was finding it hard to understand which accounts to prioritise. 
  2. Our trial communication was also not showing good results. Team had hard time understanding which accounts are on trial, because some users had updated information and some did not.

Account based analytics is useful for following

  1. Which accounts are most and least active?
  2. What features are used at account level and who are users?
  3. User segment analysis per account level
  4. Resource utilisation distribution.

This is highly valuable information for customer success or account management teams. Tracking trials and predicting conversion is much easier. 

For early stage companies, this helps understand the target segment much better. 

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