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Cohort analytics on fibotalk has evolved and improvised to extend it’s scope on the account level. This not only enhances the existing user cohorting experience but also enables you to do thorough analysis on account level.

New Cohort menu UI

The cohort screen has been fully replenished with easier navigation between different cohorts and section of users and accounts.

New sidebar menu for cohorts further divided into two sections

The new Cohort menu is divided into two section Users and Accounts.

Users section has three sub menu options-

  • All Users- This menu contains list of all the user cohorts.
  • Assigned users- This menu contains list of all the users assigned to the logged in agent/admin.
  • Notes for me- This menu contains list of all the users for which there exists a note in which the logged in agent/admin is mentioned.

Accounts section has two sub menu options-

  • All accounts– This menu contains list of all the accounts present for the present workgroup.
  • Assigned accounts- This menu contains list of all those accounts which were assigned to the logged in agent/admin.

Easy cohort navigation

Cohort navigation is made easy and more flexible as multiple cohorts can be opened simultaneously and there is a home tab that displays a list of all the existing cohorts with subtle analytics information like %share of the number of users present in the cohort, type of users present in the cohort, etc.

This home screen make cohort information modification easier as their names can be modified from a single place and non essential/empty cohort can be deleted from a single screen.

Home tab displaying list of all user cohorts

Inside cohort tab there are various cohort setting controls present like, filters, user assignments, table fields modification, etc.

Opened cohort tab

Account cohorting

Cohort analysis is now possible on account level, this opens up a whole new realm of analytics for a product.

“All accounts” menu displays the list of all the accounts present in the workgroup. The list table provides a vital information i.e total no. of sessions that has been completed for each account.

List of all account

Account dashboard and cohorts

Each account have it’s own dashboard containing detailed account health information like no. of logins, avg. login frequency, etc. It also gives you the capability to assign a account to a agent or team member.

Account dashboard

There is a capability to create multiple user cohort inside a particular account. This enables you to track your account user base in more detailed and convenient manner.

If there are no user cohorts present in an account there will be a list “all users” displayed from which you can create new user cohorts.

List of all users in an account

After you’ve created a user cohort, a home tab will appear which will have list of all user cohorts in that account and can be modified or deleted from a single screen.

List of all user cohorts in an account

Rest all of the cohort navigation and controls are same as that of user cohorts.

This new enhancement not only bring you a fresh new UI but also equips you with more power and scope over cohort analysis of your product.

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