Viber, the Hidden Goldmine

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At Fibotalk we focus on giving the most value to businesses in managing communication with their customers. We ensure this by providing a great chat platform for websites and integrate with the best and biggest chat messengers in the world.

This is a story of how much we underestimated Viber as a lot of pundits have written its epithet a long time ago.

Messengers are the final frontier of customer engagement

In the past 6-7 years, customers across the world are spoiled by the convenience of free messengers.

They just love it, no need to worry about backing up data, no cost wherever you go across the globe and great for sharing any content.

These messengers have now opened up for businesses as a new avenue of communication, making it the most impactful channel of today.

The messenger pages are going to be the new websites in the future, where customers would love to get all the information as well as cut the deal live.

I feel businesses should take messenger presence as seriously as they think about the website, emails and social media presence.

Viber as a channel should not be ignored in your business communication strategy.

7 Interesting facts about Viber

In 2014, Viber was in headlines when it was acquired by Rakuten E-commerce platform for about a Billion dollars.

At that time Viber had about 500 Million users. After that Viber went steady in its growth reaching to nearly 1 Billion users in March of 2018.

I just love the way this organization is going after steady growth of users, focusing on adding value achieving following staggering facts.

  • An Average Viber user Opens the app 12 times in a day.
  • Viber is the Closest competitor to Whatsapp with over 1 Billion users.
  • Viber beats snapchat in global popularity. It has about 10 million more active monthly users than snapchat.
  • Highly secure. It has got the same end-to-end encryption that we see other platforms boost about so much.
  • Goes to places where WhatsApp cannot.
  • It has a much cleaner approach than Facebook towards data protection. New-age customers value this more than anything.
  • Viber is the market leader in 14 Countries across the world and it is a prominent force in some major markets like
    – Japan
    – India
    – Russia
    – US
    – Europe

Get your business on Viber with Fibotalk

It is very easy to setup Viber on with Fibotalk account. A simple web interface takes less than a minute to start communicating with customers and getting the information synced with CRM of choice.


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