Track application performance on user devices

Published by Shivam Kumar on

Application performance can be defined and measured in more than one way, but one of the most significant ways is to measure API latencies and page load times.

Measuring page load time with Fibotalk is a very easy job and hardly takes 5 minutes for setup. In order to do that you have to put the anchor code in your application.

After you have successfully implemented the anchor code in your application you will automatically start getting the page load time as a system event in your charts.

All you have to do is create a chart with desired filters to get a proper representation that fulfills your purpose. E.g- you can group your page load time chart with on devices to get an idea of how your application is performing on different devices like laptop/PC and mobile and many more.

In this way, Fibotalk proves not only to be one of the really powerful analytics tools but also user friendly and easy to implement solution to give maximum desired output without much effort 

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