How to do funnel analysis in fibotalk app?

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A funnel chart is the best representation for funnel analysis.  In Fibotalk app it is very easy to add funnel charts and can be done in a few steps-

1. Login to the fibotalk app (

2. In the side menu, navigate to the “Analytics” option in case it is not by default selected.

3. Click on the “Add Chart” button on the analytics dashboard screen.

Analytics Dashboard screen

4. Click on the “Type of Chart” ribbon in the filter window and select the “Funnel Chart” option and click “Done”.

In the funnel chart, there are 2 types of filters-

  • Funnel filtersThese filters are used to define the stages of the required filtering process. Up to 5 funnel filters can be applied for one chart (in the desired sequence).
  • Rule filtersThese are conditional filters that can be applied to the funneling process.

Time period and user identifier depending on your group can be set for the funneling process

5. After adding all the filters and requirements just click on “Submit” and that’s it! The funnel chart is ready.

Funnel Chart

There are options to change the default view of the chart from the bar chart to line chart.

The chart can be saved to get displayed on the analytics dashboard and in the same way it can also be deleted.

The chart can also be downloaded in various formats.

Upon clicking any of the bars of the chart, a list of users who reached that particular stage is shown.

List of users

Along with it, the list of users who were dropped from the previous stage is also available.

Under the “Stage Labels” tab each stage can be labeled as desired and the same label(s) will be shown on the funnel chart.

Stage labels tab

All these features of the Fibotalk funneling chart can prove to be of great importance to the analysis process.

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