How to create announcements on fibotalk app?

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Be it releasing a new feature or improved versions, Increasing the reach for the same is a hard task. So fibotalk provides a very essential feature of announcements that can certainly help with the same.

Creating and managing announcements in the fibotalk app is very easy and interactive.

It’s a matter of following few steps and a new announcement will be created-

  1. Login to the fibotalk app (
  2. In the side menu select the “Addons” option and then select the announcement option.
  3. Select the “Settings” option from the list.
  4. Turn on the announcement option and a small notification for the same will appear confirming that the feature has been turned on.
  5. Click on the “List” option of the announcement list.
  6. The screen shows all the announcements that have been created and their information. A new announcement can be created by clicking the “New Announcement” button.
  7. A window will pop up to create the new announcement and the designing is real-time and there’s a preview available.¬†validity date can be set for the announcement after which it won’t show up and in the same way, URL to redirect to after clicking on the announcement can also be declared.
  8. After creating the announcement just click on the “Submit” button and the announcement will now appear in the list and will show up in the widget.

Already created announcements can be edited just by clicking them in the list screen and can also be deleted.

Logs of announcements are also available by choosing the “Logs” option on the list.

Only those fields which are relevant and needed to be shown in logs can be chosen by clicking the “Show Fileds” button and selecting the required fields.

Announcements will appear in the chat widget.

These announcements prove to play a vital role in increasing the reach of the new releases or any other kind of information that needs to be passed on to the users.

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