How to implement NPS (Net promoter score) in Saas application without any development

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Net promoter score for Saas 

NPS  (Net promoter score) has proved to be one of the most useful tool for analyzing user loyalty and user experience in Saas product. 

Fibotalk provides not only NPS as a feature but also the analytics required around it for Saas products. So that an action plan can be created around it to increase and maintain the user base.

How to implement NPS

Configuring NPS from the fibotalk app is an easy task.

1. Go to the “Engagement” option in the side menu and choose the “New Campaign” option.

2. A pop-up screen will appear with two input fields-

  • Campaign name – Here you provide a name to your NPS campaign.
  • Campaign Type – Here you choose the type of campaign you want to make i.e either announcement campaign or Product NPS campaign.

3. Enter the name to your Campaign and choose the option “Product NPS“.

And that’s all that is required to enable the basic NPS window on your product.

However, the NPS window is highly configurable and you can customize the NPS collection window in many ways.

To customize your NPS window just select the “Engagement” option in the side menu and under the “Templates” section choose the “NPS” option.

NPS Question: This field depicts what will be the NPS question that will be displayed on the NPS window. This question should be very thoroughly thought of as it serves as the basis on which the user gives his feedback.

Comment Box question: This field lets you configure the 2nd question of the NPS window which will be displayed after you give the NPS rating. This question should be relevant to the NPS question and is mainly used to get additional comments or improvement suggestions from the user.

Thank you note text: This field lets you configure the text which will appear as a notification on widget after the user submits his score or feedback.

After saving, these changes will be reflected in the NPS window.

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