How fibotalk handles API response time analysis

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Fibotalk allows you to set custom events. You can set an event called api_success or any name as per your need.

A custom event for api_success can be set like this:

fibo.setEvent("api_success", <value>, <other parameters in an object>);

Choose the value carefully as it will be shown in the filters in the Events and Events wilt value options.

The value of the api_success is the unique identifier of the specific event which occurred. For example: here, we can put the API URL as the value in this event as,

fibo.setEvent("api_success", "/api/url");

Response time

You can set the response time of the API in the other parameters section like:

fibo.setEvent("api_success", "/api/url", { api_response_time: 2 });

The key api_response_time will show up in Custom filters like below:

You can choose “is greater than” or “is less than” from the operators.

Note: We do not support event name as “api_response”

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