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DIYing is not new, it’s been here well since forever, literally. Some firms have hacked the concept of DIY to the extent that they hardly have anyone helping.

Most exciting company is Ikea . Ikea believed that their customer can install their furniture themselves at ease.

Tech and techies are spoilt for DIY, in fact the tool available on internet always cajoled through DIY strategy. Open source grew through DIY. Millennial and entrepreneur are all about DIY.

Point is, when you do DIY, you do it for your purpose.

User Analytics is not luxury for apps and software on web. It leads to overall strategy on how to evolve product. Such kind of platforms are plug-n-play to gather the data of users footprint on app or SaaS . Product team can draw their own KPIs to help them in day to day work. But  are user analytics platforms just a plug-n-play in real and do they allow DIY to business users?

In my quick findings, user analytics has always been a baby of product head or CPO, they do it to check how their product and its feature doing. But, did you ever noticed, CPOs are software developers.  For them if user analytics platform allows you for DIY or not is never been a concern.

DIY will help only if complication of code is removed and it is as simple as using excel sheet to pull required data fields and making your own charts. Further connecting it to notification hub, so that business users can get notified in critical situation.

Trust me, user analytic is full of engineering effort and quite less of business drivers. So, what you should expect from DIY User Analytics:

  • Renaming your fields, click events and pages to help business users, so that they know the activity and not the sequence of page or complicated field names. The meta data should be simple and understandable for business lay man language
  • To have library of charts, to create, pull the fields, apply filters, apply date range or apply region or browser/OS used, anything you can think of, so easy and so simple to use.
  • To bring a data field which is never been implemented in initial.
  • To implement critical notification on their own by count of user accessing set of page or event,
  • To implement funnel chart for communication strategy to users
  • Or the most important to make user cohort for engagement

The use cases can be many, business users are the one who will chase for business. Their use cases can be very specific and iterative.

Last week, while browsing net, came across new kid on board called Fibotalk for User Analytics communicating very aggressively for early adopter and one the founder just spoke about ease in user analytics. The language is so simple and easy while his explanation, which led me to think, if DIY here can make a case. He advocated about trial conversion for SaaS and web platform, cohorts of users, critical notification and rename your fields & click events in business user readable format.

I feel Fibotalk gets DIY for user analytics and every SaaS in India should check it, not just for CPOs but even as small as inside sales person who wants to track what his prospect doing on trial run which he gave him.

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