Integrate Fibotalk with your Viber's public account

With this integration your agents will be able to receive messages directly from Viber public accounts into the Fibotalk agent’s app.

Step: 1 Create a public account in Viber via this link. In the beginning you should set your phone number where you get an activation code.

If during registration process you will get a “Session Expired” error you can try to proceed on a mobile device.
Step: 2 Next you will get the activation code on mobile device in Viber application.

Step: 3 Set your email address and password, Press next.

Step: 4 Open Viber’s admin panel on PC and log in with your credentials.
Step: 5 Click on "Create Bot Account" on the left panel. Enter your public account’s information, like name and URL.
Note that an image should be only .jpg format and has strict dimensions:400x400 pixels.Set your account’s description and location

Step: 6 Viber will provide you private token , which you can use to connect Viber's API. Please copy the token
Step: 7 Login to your Fibotalk Admin panel . Go to Channels -> Viber , paste the viber token in the text box as shown in the image below.
Click on "Add 'Viber' "

That's it ! Your Viber public account is now integrated with Fibotalk !

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