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Fibotalk is now
Product Analytics Platform.

Ideal for web and mobile applications of SaaS, E-commerce & Fintech.

Frictionless Integration

In Fibotalk, tracking code needs to be implemented only once and it track all user actions by default.

  • Saves significant time on implementation and maintenance
  • Enables deep discovery
  • Provides flexibility of KPI definition
  • Reduces dependency on tech team
  • Enables retrospective analytics

Feature Blueprint

Feature blueprint and adoption analytics.

  • Define a feature at anytime as a set of events that user is expected to perform. Complex features involving multiple user actions can be easily defined.
  • Get core metrics of:
  • Feature usage : How many people are using the feature and at what frequency
  • Feature Friction : At what stage how many people are dropping
  • User Cohort Adoption : Feature adoption for specific user cohorts like new users, upcoming renewals, high value accounts etc.

Account Based Analytics

If you have a B2B product it is imperative to have account based analytics

  • During Integration we track account dimensions with every event.
  • User level KPIs can be viewed at account level.
  • Advantage:
  • Hundreds of accounts can be easily managed.
  • Some of the most important metrics you get per account level
  • Features adopted : features and its usage frequency.
  • Account activities : user login trends, most and least active users, persona wise usage etc.
  • Application performance : Page load time, API Latency and crashes.

Application Performance Tracking

User experience is largely impacted with application performance.

  • Automatically track page load times and API Latency on user devices.
  • Advantages:
  • We connect all these data points with users to identify and proactively act on impacted users. Very handy for customer success teams.
  • Easily isolate 3rd Party API issues.
  • Product managers can connect user behavior resulting from application performance issues.
  • Real time notifications for critical events.
  • Core metrics:
  • Page load Time
  • API Latency and failure on user devices
  • Application performance grouped by many dimensions accounts, geographies or 3rd party APIs.
  • Get the list of users who are affected

Deployment Flexibility

Fibotalk has hybrid deployment model.

  • Our hybrid deployment enables to host database server on your infrastructure or your private cloud.
  • Keeps your infrastructure software cost very low with open-source stack
  • Realtime data ingestion with your data warehouses or data lake.
  • This approach addresses:
  • Data Privacy concerns
  • Compliance requirements like government’s geo storage policies, SOC II compliances that client may be addressing already


We handhold customers to successful implementation and help at every stage to derive value from product analytics

  • We intend to help product manager by wearing a hat of product analyst. Help him implement data collection, management and integration strategy.
  • Fibotalk team work closely with clients and help define product KPIs. We also understand the product and make suggestions.
  • We help in setting up reports to track these KPI. If there is any gap in visualization, we provide customized reports.
  • If any data gaps we help define custom events and process.
  • Integration support with other application or for automating some processes.

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