Fibotalk is now Product Analytics Platform.

Ideal for web and mobile applications of SaaS, E-commerce & Fintech.
Feature Blue Print

Feature Blueprint

Feature blueprint and adoption analytics. Define a feature at anytime as a set of events that user is expected to perform. Complex features involving multiple user actions can be easily defined.

Get core metrics of:

Frictionless Integration

Frictionless Integration

In Fibotalk, tracking code needs to be implemented only once and it track all user actions by default.


Page Load Time

Application Performance Tracking

User experience is largely impacted with application performance. Automatically track page load times and API Latency on user devices.


Core metrics:

Account Based Analytics

Account Based Analytics

If you have a B2B product it is imperative to have account based analytics, during Integration we track account dimensions with every event.


Core metrics:

Some of the most important metrics you get per account level.


Deployment Flexibility

Fibotalk has hybrid deployment model.

This approach addresses:


We handhold customers to successful implementation and help at every stage to derive value from product analyticsance Tracking

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