Conversation is the most powerful tool for human beings. It helps us spread abstract ideas and create marvelous feats of engineering. Conversations enable us to build trust and deep relations. If Businesses can engage their customers in active and personal conversations, they will get deep insights and lasting loyalties.
In the rapidly changing world consumers who are spoiled for choices, expect instant information and personalized services. It was never more relevant for businesses to have continuous conversations with their customers and ensure competitive advantage. With countless number of social channels on which customers connect with your business, it is becoming increasingly hard to be available on all the channels all the time. 
Chatbots are the answer to this ever increasing consumer demand of personal conversation on multiple platforms. It ensures that your business is responding to them all the time with most relevant answers. 

What is a chatbot?

By definition, a Chatbot is a program that responds to incoming messages. This program can be  rule based or AI driven. Chatbot is expected to understand the intent of the incoming message and respond with a sensible answer from pre-defined data. It should also gracefully respond to the user messages if it fails to understand the intent. At this point, the Chatbot can trigger an alert to the human support to ensure a continued engagement of the customer or collect contact information of the user to respond later.
These days, Chatbots have become really good in understanding the intent of incoming message, most of these intents fall into few markable categories, ensuring you are responding to 75-80% of customer inquiries instantly and at minimum cost.
Bots are becoming better each passing day, but technology is still evolving. I suggest to take one step at a time. At present building a Bot that can handle all the input messages is just impossible. A mixed approach is the best, where human agents help the struggling bots. A bot can call out for human help if it is stuck in a chat without answers and  human agent can take over the conversation and take it to conclusion. 
At Fibotalk we offer a robust chat platform and basic Chatbot to respond to your customers in absence of human agents. We ensure that Agents are in control, as they can monitor any bot conversation and interrupt if required.  Our basic Bot ensures that customer gets an initial response and tried to collect contact details for further conversation. Advanced Chatbots can also be built after requirement understanding and knowledge input.
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