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In-Product Announcements


Build beautiful announcements with "what you see is what you get" editor. Standardized designs are compatible with both mobile and desktop devices.

Advanced Triggers

Show announcements on sophisticated start and end rules, like show announcements on a specific page or a particular button click.

Impact Analysis

Automatic reports with seen, clicked, and goal-achieved details. Smart filters are available for deep-dive insights in a campaign

Precise User Targetting

Reach any user cohort from all to a single user in your application. Easily target users who have not used a particular feature for a nudge.

Non Intrusive

The user gets a highly effective non-intrusive announcement preview at first and expands to see full notification or clicks call to action directly.

Call To action

A Call-to-action button to redirect users to internal features of the application or some webpage. Multiple options are available as open in the new or same tab.

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