How To Add Live Chat To Your Website For Free?

Add chat to website Fibotalk

Are you leveraging the complete power of your website? Are your customers getting all the information it takes to close a deal?

By adding a small Fibotalk live chat application on your website you can connect with your customers live, when they are most interested in your business.

Why add chat to your website?

  • Acquire More Leads
  • Provide your customers with great Support
  • Guide customers to right information
  • Establish trust and reliability
  • Close deals faster
  • Follow-up on your conversations with great tools

Fibotalk Live Chat software for website appears as a chat box, usually in the bottom-right corner, through which your website visitors can chat with you or your help desk in real time.

Here is how you can add Fibotalk chat on website

If you have a WordPress website/ blog, then follow the WordPress live chat plugin installation instructions.

Step #1: Register

Register for Fibotalk by providing your details and a unique domain name.

Step #2: Verify

After the details have been entered, you will receive a verification email. Click on the link provided in the email.

Step #3: Login

Once your account has been verified, you can simply login.

Step #4: Embed

To embed the chat box html code in your website, head to Channels -> Web widget-> Plug on Website. Paste the code into your websites HTML (just before the </body> tag).

chat box html code for website free

That’s it! Fibotalk is now setup in your website.

Step #5: Test

Surprised by how easy it was? Make sure everything is working fine by running a quick chat test!

And there you have it. The ability to easily connect with your customers, solve their queries and boost lead generation now lies at your fingertips! But where should you exactly start off from? We got that covered too. Because with Fibotalk, you can do so much more.

After integrating live chat on website, what to do next?

  • Bring your team on board

Once you add chat box on website, you can invite your teammates to join Fibotalk as agents. As an agent, you can answer the website visitors’ queries and convert them into happy and paying customers.

  • Download the app and access the easy mobile functionality

Fibotalk agents can chat with their visitors from their smart phones. To manage Fibotalk chat on phone, download the app.

  • Customize the chat box

Fibotalk lets you customize your chat widget according to your brand’s look and feel. By doing this, you ensure that the widget is seamless with your website design as well as noticeable enough to grab the attention of your customer.

Fibotalk is a website live chat tool that has been built to provide easy and quick customer service to visitors on website and social media channels managed by businesses. Signup for free now to try out Fibotalk.

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