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Prioritised Chat Interface

It is very distracting when your chat list keeps growing while you are focusing on one customer. To help you avoid this hassle Fibotalk puts live chats/new requests/ potentials in different lists so that you can focus better on providing great value to your customers.

  • Active: This is the list of customers with whom you are chatting right now. These customers will not be visible to other agents in their chat list.

  • Unattended: When a customer is initiating a chat themselves and waiting for agents to respond. The choice is available to all the agents to pick up this chat by selecting “start chat” option. This list is visible to all the agents.

  • Visitors Online: This is the list of visitors who are on the website but have not initiated a chat with the agents. This list is visible to all the agents.

  • History: List of all the past chats. This is visible to all the agents.

    Chat initiation by Agents

    This is a disruptive feature that ensures that you can reach out to more potentials. Agents can start chatting with any visitor online to ensure that you understand their needs better and provide them with triggers to get engaged.

    Mobile compatible agent chat

    Our agent interface is mobile compatible and empowers our users to respond to customer inquiries and chats from anywhere. This is game-changing as you can use it across platforms without any need for the native app to be downloaded.

    Comprehensive Settings options

    • Customise the chat Sounds as per your liking. You can select from a long list of notification tones to customise new visitor alert and new message alerts.

    Access this feature at settings -> sounds

    • Manage Email Notifications. You receive many email notifications like when a customer leaves a message when no agent was online or when a new visitor arrives on your website. You can switch off/on these notifications.

    Access this feature at settings -> Notifications

    Customised offline response

    We have provided options of Form and Bot for this.

    • FORM: A completely customized form will be visible to the customer. You can choose the contact details you would like to capture like email or phone number etc.

    • BOT: The customer will receive a custom response from Bot and collect contact information as configured by you. The customer can continue chatting as with regular agent and leave more than one messages at a time

    To access the features please go to Channels -> web widget -> offline settings

    Improved contact management

    With our new contact management, you can easily

      • Sort contacts by Name, location or last interaction

      • Search contacts by partial name, location or email

      • Export the filtered or all contacts to Excel.

    Go to Contacts for accessing all these features.

    Tasks and TODOs

    It’s great that with Fibotalk now you can chat with your customers. It is imperative that most of these interactions are going to lead to some followups that either you have to do, or some of your team-mates have to do. Task features helps you create tasks that can be associated with a customer or generic. Get emails for reminders and edit at will to manage your followups like never before.

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