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Businesses striving to offer amazing customer service, take note of this.

I recently ordered food online.

I waited beyond the promised delivery time, and then to find the delivery status held the phone for 10 minutes. Finally, I canceled the order and sent a stinging review. After all, hungry customers can be angry customers!

Email customer support is not real time. But how good is making your customers hang on the phone when stuck in the queue? And that’s a relevant question for all types of businesses.

Your Customers Don’t Want To Call You For Support

According to Fibotalk, customers now prefer to chat and get answers within seconds after the question is asked.  Customers are increasingly adopting digital channels, especially for simple or straightforward queries. Web chat provides a low-friction channel to interact with the customer support team.

I agree that this is the case. A few days ago I had to take a server in Russia for some project. After a lot of google search, I got many websites. I filled multiple contact forms but received responses only after I took my decision. In the process, I also called a few solution providers. The calls were expensive and it was very difficult to communicate. One of the portals had a live chat interface. The agent there helped me with all my queries instantly and I ended up closing the deal in that session itself.

Live chat for the website has been around for quite a while and most successful businesses use it prominently. Chances are that you may have already used chat before.

Remember seeing this ‘How may I help you’ or ‘Chat now’ button usually placed on the bottom right side of the website?

customer support chat

When you click on the icon, the chat box opens up.

Recall the last time when you went to a website looking for some information but couldn’t find it. This instant chat assistance right there on the website would have been a big deal at that moment.

Don’t leave your website visitors unattended. Talk to them using Fibotalk live chat.

Sign-up for the free version here and get started within minutes.

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