Live Chat for Restaurants

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Live Chat for Restaurants

In super crowded restaurant business and the ever-increasing cost of acquisition, innovation in customer engagement is a key competitive advantage. Live-chat on the website can revolutionize your customer experience.

How live chat solutions help restaurants

1. Book more tables using live chat

Imagine a group of young guys decide to meet up and look at your great restaurant for the venue. They call up and IVR responds with one choice after the other. They get frustrated with the menu and abandon the booking and go with your competition. If you had a simple chat interface on your website and social pages, you would have better assist your customers. You can even have a small bot that connects with your booking software and helps your customer book a table 24/7.

Finding your business online is the easiest way for them to explore your services and book online. With the attention span of people going down, they would like to get their queries answered then there than going to multiple pages.

2. Enhance Customer Experience with live chat

a. Collect Feedback

Active chat interface on your website and social platform can help you gather customer feedbacks when they are looking to reach to you. This will help you assess the quality of your service and a quick response ensures that their experience swings more towards positive. Our easy reach back channels help you keep the customer posted of actions you may have taken to resolve any negative feedback. It helps you establish trustworthiness and sincerity of your brand with the customer.

b. Delight customers

With an active agent, the customers get quick responses to their questions. It helps them with decisions quickly. Live agents can also extend some running offers to delight the customer and help them take a positive decision about the next visit.

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3.CRM integrations with Fibotalk live chat

Avoid the frustration of growth. Your business has many channels of customer engagement, get all the information from different platforms on Fibotalk and easily push this data to your CRM.

Challenges of Growth

Technology savvy customers are expecting businesses to adopt technology as well. Once you have adopted the technology, the number of customers, their details and interactions lead to huge amount of data with which you may feel overwhelmed. This will be compounded by different channels and types of conversations.

Fibotalk not only helps you have a conversation with your customers but also nicely organizes the data for you. You can easily search data with robust filters and share with your CRM. We integrate with all the leading CRM(Customer relationship management) software.

If we have not already integrated with CRM that you have adopted, please connect with us and we’ll sure work it out for you.

4. Live chat with a perfect mix of chatbot

Live chat or chatbot, Why choose one, when you can have both? Get the best of both worlds on our smart platform with the smooth switch from bots to humans when needed.

Most of the products offer you either live chat or a chatbot. Like any other decision, this brings you to have a tradeoff. This tradeoff is not an easy one, it defines how your customers are going to experience your brand. We thought why to put you in a tight spot. There should not be any tradeoff with your customer experience.

Fibotalk smart switchover ensures that bot handles only the questions it understands well and triggers for human intervention when it cannot handle the responses. Human agents can intervene anytime and start the bot again.

Fibotalk platform ensures that the customer experience on all the channels is exactly the same. By using Fibotalk you need not to worry about building different bots for different channels or shifting windows in the live chat.

Fibotalk Live chat on Multiple Channels from One Window

Only a superman can easily manage customer engagement on your website, Facebook, Twitter, Viber, Telegram etc. Connect all with Fibotalk and become the superman

Your customers use many chat platforms and they would love to see your business on a channel of their choice. Fibotalk integrates all major social chat platforms for you to have live conversations with any customers on any channel, without the mess of many windows.

Our website messenger also works very well with any website builder platform that you may have used for your website.

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