3 Live Chat Strategies To Garner Leads In Abundance

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Installing live chat on website takes you one step closer to improving lead generation. But utilizing the chat to the fullest can actually boost your lead generation.

According to Neil Patel, one of the top marketing influencers on the web, live chat can increase your lead generation rate by 45%.

Most of the online businesses agree that live chat is an essential tool in not only providing exceptional customer service but also in capturing leads and improving sales conversion.

Researches show that over 42% online customers prefer a live chat over call or any other kind of support. And out of those people who prefer live chat, 79% said it is because they got their answers quickly and 51% preferred live chat because they could multitask.

If you’ve been reading about live chat and what it can offer to a business, you must’ve come across countless posts that talk about why live chat is needed to increase your lead generation. As most of us know that leads are very important in getting sales and generating revenue.

However, most of these posts only tell you why a live chat is needed for lead generation but not how you can increase your leads using the features of a live chat.

A tool is only as good as the hands that wield it!

So, if you don’t know how to utilize website live chat software in the right way, it may not give the same amount of leads as it may give to your competitors.

Understanding a live chat’s features and strategizing them to gain leads can be the difference between you and your competitors.

Here are 3 live chat strategies to garner leads for your business:

Utilize proactive chat

A lot of the online businesses lose tons of leads because of not engaging the visitors at the right time. Live chat operators should be seasoned in proactively engaging visitors on the right page at the right time.

Many businesses use auto greeting as soon as the visitor lands on the website. This may not be one of the best ways to use auto greeting. More than a greeting, it may come off as spam.

Auto greetings should have a buffer time before starting a chat with the visitor. Not every visitor that lands on your website wants to have a chat. So, give them a little time before you try to initiate a chat.

Another thing can get you a lot of leads is by engaging visitors on the pricing page.

This is where most of the visitors leave. The reasons may vary depending on the individual but proactively engaging visitors on the pricing page and asking them what is stopping them from making a purchase can not only give you a lot of feedback on your plans or prices, but it will also get you leads of such visitors.

Monitor visitor Behavior

Live chat comes with real time visitor monitoring feature, that helps you see the details of the visitors and also which page is being viewed by them. This can be colossal for your business’ success.

Monitoring visitor behavior can help you understand the following:

  • Where are your visitors coming from (location)
  • Which pages work than other
  • Which pages need to optimized

When you have the above data, it is much easier to understand your audience’s psychology. This can help your chat operators to engage visitors with the right approach.

For example: If a visitor has visited a specific product several times, then the operator can initiate a chat with him/her regarding that product instead of beating around the bush. It may or may not guarantee a sale but it’ll surely be enough to get that lead.

Once you have this person’s lead, and you know which product they’ve been eyeing on, you can target him/her later with your marketing endeavors.

Be available 24 x 7 with chat bots

The rise of chat bots isn’t something new and a lot of businesses have drawn great leads by implementing chat bots on their website.

Chat bots are great, especially when you’re catering to a global audience. Your chat operators can’t be online all the time. So, a chat bot can take their place while you’re away from your desk.

Chat bots these days can be customized to a great extent. They can be programmed to engage visitors and take their details.

Not only chat bots can gather leads on your website, they can also generate leads on your social media platforms such as Facebook.

Statistics say that over 65% smart phone users don’t download a new app in a month. Smartphone users are comfortable with their social media messengers. So, if you have your live chat integrated with social platforms like Facebook and have your chat bot ready, voila!

Summing up, adding live chat on website can make a significant difference between the number of leads you generate in a month or quarter. But most importantly, you should hone the strategies that generate leads with live chat.

The above mentioned strategies are just few of the examples to get you started with lead generation via live chat. Do you have your own strategies which are not mentioned here?

How are you utilizing live chat features to capture leads?

Share it in the comments and I’ll jump in the discussion.




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